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1. Project title: Intraplueral Thrombolytics for Complicated Pleural Fluid Collections: A Multi-Institutional Experience

2. Principal investigator: Jason M. Wallen, MD

3. Investigators: Salman Zaheer, MBBS., Hannah Copeland, MD

4. Brief Description: Retrospective review of the experience of Loma Linda University Medical Center and the Loma Linda VA Medical Center in management of complex intrapleural fluid collections with intrapleural thrombolytics.

5. Current status: IRB Submitted.

6. Open to interested residents and students for chart review and drafting manuscript

Gerald Gollin, MD

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  1. Gum chewing in perforated appendicitis, G. Gollin, Incomplete project started by B. Pancholy. This is a randomized trial of the effectiveness of gum chewing in reducing the duration of ileus in children with operated and non-operated complicated appendicitis.  Randomization continues, but more subjects need to be recruited and data needs to be analyzed.
  2. Utility of UGI prior to gastrostomy, G. Gollin, J. Fawley, Retrospective study of UGI studies obtained on children undergoing gastrostomy.  The aim is to determine the incidence of malrotation and the incidence of false positive findings.  The subjects have been identified and IRB approval is obtained.
  3. Effectiveness of endoscopic clipping of gastrocutaneous fistulae, G. Gollin, G. Yanni.  This is a retrospective assessment of the effectiveness of endoscopic clipping of gastrocutaneous fistulae in children.  It is a collaborative study with pediatric gastroenterology.  Subjects have been identified and the IRB application is ongoing.
  4. Epidemiology of gastroschisis, G. Gollin, B. Oshiro.  Comprehensive retrospective and prospective study of gastroschisis.  Long-term project in collaboration with MFM and Stanford.
  5. Assessment of intestinal mucosal injury in pediatric patients after cardiac operations. G. Gollin, S. AbdAllah, Prospective study assessing the incidence of intestinal mucosal after complex operations for congenital heart disease.  Long-term project that will determine whether determination of urinary iFABP can aid in decisions regarding the introduction of enteral nutrition.
  6. Impact of intestinal mucosal injury on the duration of ileus in gastroschisis. G. Gollin, Jon Mayhew, Prospective study of infants with gastroschisis.  Urinary iFABP is determined during reduction and after fascial closure and correlated with the time until full feedings are tolerated.  Specimens have been collected from 50 infants.  Clinical data needs to be collected


Mark Reeves, MD, PhD

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Role of RASSF1C in cancer growth and progression

Treatment of Cervical Cancer and HPV-related Malignancies by Small-Molecule Inhibition of HPV16 E6/E6* Interactions

TACE vs Proton for HCC

Biospecimen tissue collection


NEPHTALI GOMEZ, MDEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Early referral of the adrenal mass patient vs. referring physician workup: which is more cost effective?   Review of the work up for adrenal mass done by referring physicians compared to AAES guidelines. In stage of data acquisition.