Simplified Call & "Duty" Hour Guidelines for Students


1. Students should not start workday activities before Junior Housestaff (Pgy-1) or 5:00 a.m.


2. Effort will be made to end the student workday by 6:00 p.m. on non-call days.


3. Students who are immediately post overnight call should end their workday by 12 noon.


4. In planning the student call schedule - please note:

  • One day in seven should be completely free of work.  (Two weekends in the 6-week General Surgery block should be free also.)
  • Students will not take call the night before major exams (OSCE/NBME) 
  • Overnight (in-house) call for General Surgery -

     ·       Minimum of 5

     ·       Maximum of 10 (every 4th night for 6-week block).  The call will not exceed 2 calls in 6 consecutive day

  • Classroom time, study time and review sessions generally will not be counted as work hours.  Patient care related conferences/rounds are part of the workday.