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For residents interested in an academic career, we have a dedicated 7-year Research Track for two qualified candidates in each class.  Our residents have various opportunities to work on clinical research involving outcomes, qualitative, disparities, large national databases, and multi-institutional cooperative trials.  There are also opportunities to partner with the basic science department and perform translational research.  Some of our residents have acquired research positions externally including opportunities as a NIH T32 fellow or a PhD candidate.  Graduates of the Research Track have been extremely successful in matching to their desired fellowship positions.

Education & Teaching

A primary goal of this concentration is to cultivate excellent and committed residents as teachers through understanding the art and science of teaching, inspiring them to be great teachers, and to give them the skills to do so. A goal is to foster an interest and involvement in academic medicine and facilitate identified residents to return to LLUMC as faculty.


Global Service

Residents will be provided with the opportunity for a basic or advanced concentration in global health service.


Health Disparities

The health disparities research concentration is "tailor-made" to your specific department and residency program needs in collaboration with identified member(s) of your faculty that have already developed their careers in this respective area.


Lifestyle Medicine

The goal of this concentration is to provide the knowledge, skills, and tools for residents to effectively and efficiently promote healthy lifestyle changes in their patients. This includes how to build an alliance with the patient as well as promote any strategies or medications that foster wellness.


Spiritual Care Curriculum

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