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Q: How can I find information about salary, benefits, and the resident contract?

Please follow this link to find general information regarding all residency programs at Loma Linda University Health. From there, click on salary and benefits for a sample contract and other benefit information.

Q: When do you conduct ERAS interviews and how many openings do you have?

We hold our categorical interviews in November and early December. We have a select number of slots available for interviews and accept up to 6 categorical residents each year. Two of those six slots are matched for incoming residents that know they will want to do research and will commit to going out for two years for dedicated research. Preliminary residents are interviewed in January and our program takes up to approximately 8 preliminary residents each year.

Due to the impact of COVID, we have elected to do our interviews virtually this season.

Q: What is the score criterion of your program?

We take the entire application seriously, and we do not necessarily concretely establish specific scores for grades, boards, personal statement, or extracurricular activities. But clearly, those applicants who demonstrate a desire for academic endeavors enjoy an advantage. On average, the categorical residents in our program have USMLE, Step 1 and 2 around 235 or higher and preliminary residents have USMLE Step 1 and 2 at 220 or higher. Additionally, it is strongly encouraged that the Step 2 CS exam is passed on the first attempt.

Q: Any specific requirements regarding letters of recommendations?

No, however, you must have a minimum of 3 submitted for consideration with one of those letters from the Program Director or the Chairman of Surgery.

Q: What type of visa does your program offer i.e. H-1 or J-1 ?

We only sponsor J1. We do not sponsor H1.

Q: I graduated from medical school a while ago am I eligible?

Possibly. There are many variables to consider such as US clinical experience/research and other residencies. We do prefer residents who have been out of school no more than 5 years at most and have been active during this time.

Q: The Medical Board of CA changed their licensing requirements this year, how does that impact me?

Q: How do you manage conflict of interest?

We abide by our institutional policy on Conflict of Interest and Nepotism.