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Goal: To train curious and innovative researchers that will promote excellence in healthcare 

Objective Intern Research Month

  1. Complete your CITI training: complete prior to starting your research month
  2. Identify a PI with an already (IRB approved) research project one month prior to starting your research month
  3. Submit PI name, title of project and IRB number to Excellence Committee and your SMART goals form as related to research prior to starting research month
  4. Meet with member of the Excellence Committee to discuss research one month prior to starting your research month and once during the research month
  5. NIH Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Clinical Research Course ( Modules 1-4: to be completed during the research month
  6. Complete introduction to Community Based Participatory Research
  7. At completion of research month, present your project at Surgery Research Conference
  8. One page summary of research month (template provided)

Objectives Intern Year 

  1. Complete NIH Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Clinical Research Course during intern year (
    1. Modules 5-6 during intern year
  2. Process Improvement Training-Level Silver (Dr. Pappas)

Objectives Over Course of Residency

  1. Write one IRB over the course of residency 
    Attend 50% of Friday morning monthly research meetings 
  2. Fulfill the LLU research requirement of accumulating eight research points 
    1.  Published manuscript as first author 4 points (Required)
      1. Case report
      2. Case series
      3. Retrospective
      4. Prospective
      5. Review
      6. Healthcare systems
      7. Video presentations
    2. Complete Institute of Healthcare Improvement courses 2 points (Required)
    3. Write and submit a grant 4 points
    4. Published manuscript as non-first author 3 points
    5. Oral presentation at national meeting 3 points 
    6. Oral presentation at regional meeting 2 points 
    7. Poster presentation at national or regional meeting 1 point
    8. Presentation at Surgery Annual Research Day 1 point
    9. Obtain outcome data on your Quality Improvement project and present research 2 points
  3. Provide research updates to the Center for Excellence in Surgical Research biannually (corresponding to biannual meetings with the Program Director)

Curriculum (optional resident research presentations each month) Third Friday of Every Month

Introduction to Research
Introduction to Biostatistics
Biostatistics Part 2: Applying Statistical Programs
Research Regulations: IRB and Beyond
Introduction to Research Bioethics
Community Health Research
Global Surgery and Research
Introduction to Grant Writing
Statistical Methodology
Introduction to Manuscript Writing
Peer Review of Manuscripts and Grants
Turning Quality Improvement Projects into Research

Seniors will focus on additional research projects, focused grant submission workshops, utilization of a database for statistical analysis, focused manuscript review workshops

SMART Goals Form

Filename Date
A Microsoft Word file SMART Goals Form 2021-07-13