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Diversity, inclusion, and equity have been highlighted by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) as key elements for training. William A McDade, MD, PhD, who was named the first ACGME diversity and inclusion officer in March 2019, explained, “In order to train the next generation of physicians to be prepared to care for the American public, we must ensure that opportunities to train in all areas of medicine are open to diverse populations... Additionally, the clinical learning environment must be safe and inclusive for all residents and fellows to afford the best possible means to achieve this.”

This toolbox was created as a collaborative, multi-institutional effort and represents the Association of Program Directors in Surgery’s (APDS) determination to uphold the highest standards of inclusion and promote equity and diversity in training programs. By compiling practical resources and data on the subject of diversity as it pertains to race, religion, sexual orientation, and other groups underrepresented in surgery, we hope to promote unity.