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As physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, technicians, and first responders at Loma Linda University Health, we see the effects of violence every day.  We are haunted by those we might see on our next shift—friends, family, coworkers—and those who we will never see or have the chance to save because they died before they got to us.

We believe in #StoptheBleed and we are grateful to our leadership for working to make these lifesaving kits available in public buildings.

But  we need to go father and stop the bleeding before it starts.

We need to #StoptheBullet.

We call for our elected officials to put politics aside and save lives.

Ensure everyone who buys a gun passes the same background check.

Provide the mental health resources we need to help those at risk for harming themselves or others.

Allow our law enforcement professionals to keep us safe when there is an imminent threat of harm.

Encourage resource at all levels to uncover the sources and discover the solutions to gun violence.

Teach conflict resolution to our children so they grow up less likely to use violence to solve their conflicts.

And finally, keep weapons of war—military-style semiautomatic and automatic rifles that kill or maim dozens in a matter of minutes—on the battlefield, not in our schools, churches, supermarkets, or homes.

For those who might think it is not our place to speak out, not only is it true that #ThisIsOurLane, but for all too many victims of violence, #TheLaneEndsHere.

Thoughts and prayers are offered every day, but we believe that our God wants us to take action to protect our children and His.

Stand with us. Speak out. Ask for help. Save a life. #LomaLindaStrong #SanBernardinoStrong #StoptheBullet